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Below is a partial listing of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers available for rescue. 

LUKE - 85 pounds of classic male Chesapeake -4-1/2 yrs,  neutered, shots up to date. Luke came to us from a MD shelter, and has much puppy still in him. Luke must have a home with a real Chesapeake-wise person, as he is great at running the show. Smart, loving, and handsome!
HOOPER - the sweetest 18 mo male - neutered, shots up to date. Hooper is a love, but has a problem with his knees. Vet appointment coming up soon as this weather clears a bit. Hooper has had good obedience training, is very loving, clean in the house and just needs his own place again. His own lady is very ill and could not keep him any longer - very sad for both of them.
Chesapeake Safe Harbor welcomes calls and emails with questions specific to each dog. Each adoption is an individual situation; generalizing cannot cover each case. We want to meet prospective families, their children, other dogs ... doing your homework is vital in making a good choice.

Welcoming Committie
Welcoming Commitee at the Bridge - one rescue person's vision of what our special Brown Dogs will find waiting as they cross the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us.
You've left your footprints on our hearts and we shall not forget you -

(Note: As many of our Safe Harbor friends have left for the Bridge, they also left a spot in their families' hearts for another needy Chessie to move in. That is the greatest testament to a dear Chessie's life - that their families would want another when the healing time has run its course. We thank them always as well as the families they taught to love this unique breed.)


Keeper (2-23-97 to 1-8-11)
She was dearly loved by her people on the Cape - Paulette and Hilary Nolan, wonderful friends and helpers in our rescue work.

- the greatest friend & family member for many years
- an amazing little Chessie girl who never wanted to quit.
- a very special Chessie boy who left a huge hole in the hearts and lives of his forever people
Chelsea - 4/8/13 - almost 15 yrs old! "We were good for each other - such a baby face, always"
Chelsea - 12/11/97- 4/15/13 - Much loved, stubborn, loyal and affectionate.
Nutmeg - another poor southern shelter waif that had a hard time finding the right forever home. Then she did and had the loving care she so deserved her last year+.
Sadie - lived her last 6 years as the 'constant' in her lady's life. "She was my baby, and it was so hard to let her go".
- 5/5/13 - Nearly 14, came to us with hip displaysia then found the Good Life with a most kind and patient friend.
Smiley aka Waldo
– After rescue, lived a happy life and was a great family dog who brought much joy to his family. When his man was deployed to Iraq, Waldo took over as security Manager for the house and kept all secure.
– found the “good life” after rescue, brought much happiness to her lady and is sadly missed.
- enjoyed the best of lives when she finally made it to VT and had other senior Chessies to enjoy her walks with.
- left his family so suddenly, much too young; just a sweet fellow
much loved, much missed protector of his family; Ira was a very special Chessie who took his job seriously.
- another sweet girl who left her mark on her family - proving that a Chessie can be rehomed and enjoy a good life as well as give back the love she was receiving
- A sweet girl who brought much love and companionship into a single lady's life Tucker - a fine big boy - hard paw prints to fill Grady - a very special boy who lived the life he so deserved - full of human love and rural acres to care for Indie, brother to Stolie - another Florida boy turned Mainiac and brought much love to his family - human and furry. Ginger from Pemaquid - A special girl, not the easiest at first, who took her job of caring for her family very seriously and returned their devotion and love in kind.
- a dear friend who caught his lady's eye and a relationship that was meant to be!
- A sweet, fun loving boy sadly missed, who left too soon and so unexpectedly.
- a great companion for walks, rides and all other times.
- the perfect fit for a new Chessie family who loved her SO much; she could not have been a better family member!
- was the sweetest boy, who never complained despite having two ulcerated eyes and diabetes which he dealt with this past year while always wagging his tail and greeting us with his bouncy body. We love you and will miss you Danny. We know you have gone to a better place which will allow you to see once again while you run in the fields.
- our lost soul found and loved by an amazing couple - there was "something about Rugby" that none of us can forget.
- our southern girl who never showed her age, bounced along like a puppy until the very end.
- He came to us needing a 'new image' and found it with Simon's friends, thus enjoying his last few years in well cared for style.
-" He kept me and my life will be a lesser place without him in it." (Evan)
- our sweet, so shy girl, who made Safe Harbor her Safe Haven for 8 years - may she be free of her fears as she enjoys her Chessie friends in the meadow at the Bridge.
- A very special youngster who was called to the Bridge much too soon. Dillon was our star athlete and lived to please his friend Steve. Having lived with us for exactly 1/2 of his 4 years, we all hope he is enjoying the freedom to run and play in that special Meadow as he waits for his friends from Safe Harbor.
- our dear gentleman who taught us all how to cope with disabilities... never grumbled, always found his way around regardless of his loss of his eyes. Trident was a patient, well mannered fellow. The rare tumor in his heart was totally unexpected, as were his kisses as I held him... Tri had never been a 'kissie boy', but he knew we loved him and were caring for him right to the end. You must run and play with all your friends at the Bridge, Tri.
- "The dearest, sweetest, most honest dog I have ever had"
- "Jagger was such a wonderful "Gift". He had so much "Spirit". We walked him everywhere. He was great in the car or on the couch. Gentle to our cats, and grandkids. You were so right when you suggested we try a senior dog!
- The sweetest little companion anyone could imagine -
- A loyal, determined, and persevering sweet girl who picked Carol on a visit to Safe Harbor. Neither Carol nor Shaddie ever gave up. As Carol says, "She will be in my heart forever."
- A special boy who was fortunate to be reunited with his original owner and live out his life as his happy, loyal companion.
- A luck stray from Connecticut who found his forever home in Maine along with his travelling companion. His family is so thankful for the memories he has left them as they continue to miss his actual presence in their home.
- one of the sweetest, much loved companions a family could want.
- enjoyed and gave great companionship to another senior for his last 2 years.
- enjoyed 2 great years in Maine with her son and their wonderful new family. Ruby never looked better than when with her 2 new humans and 4 other Chessies.
- A very sweet, independent girl who will not be forgotten for many reasons, not the least being her greatest gift to the Chessie world - her genetic material for the DM research.
- our sweet clown boy who always enjoyed snuffling around, doing his own thing. We'll all miss Mocha, but know he will find some of his Chessie friends waiting for him at the Bridge.
- Dear Emma was the sweetest senior girl, and so ill - she enjoyed many visitors in our office and seemed to thrive on the attention, the walks, brushings, baths, etc. that were part of her life with us. Her heartworm condition and other health issues were just too much for her to continue. Surely she left us with a thankful heart for her friends in the south that helped her on her way to us.
- Much loved companion of Adrian for nearly 4 years - now joining his big sister, Tess at the Bridge. He will be greatly missed - such an agreeable, fun fellow, who loved to swim in the ocean and cuddle on the couch.
- a sweet big southern boy who found his own special place in a western Maine home, finally put weight on his big frame (a loving home did the trick) and shared all his love for a couple short years.
- he gave his adoptive family 5 nice years, and left such a good feeling it opened their hearts to adopt another Chessie - surely he is smiling down on them.
- One of our more special Chessies - his life ended much too soon and he leaves exceptional, loving memories with his people as he was responsible for saving his man's life as a fire broke out in their home one night.
- Sushi
-For these 2 sweet senior girls Chesapeake Safe Harbor was their final forever home.... they  enjoyed their outings, baths and special times here until age and serious health issues over took them.. Blindness didn't slow little Sushi down, but her hind quarters did fail her. Miss Lucy was game for a walk or swim right to the end, but just could not go on. Always so thankful for attention and treats, neither of these sweeties every complained or gave any sign of unhappiness - such inspirations they were each new day! May they find sound bodies and freedom to play as they wish on the other side of the Bridge.
Ginger- Best friend and companion to John for nearly 9 years - also, "mother" to his son Daryn. Ginger, John and Daryn learned much together - all held together with a loving, caring relationship . Tho she will be terribly missed, great memories remain, and she surely took a lot of love over the Bridge with her.
- A sweet additon to the life of Keirsten and Simon - "He was such a blessing and such a great dog to us during the time we had him.... we loved him like our child. .... the house just doesn't feel the same without him here. ... My deepest regret is that we didn't find him sooner....."
Java -
thought you'd like to see a pic of Java doing what she loved best. I know you can appreciate how much we loved her. She had a tremendous spirit.  Almost human
Asa aka Angel
-We have never had a dog win over our hearts so quickly nor fit into our routine so nicely. I will never regret taking him and taking care of him when he needed us. He was affectionate and loving until the end.
- the sweetest girl whose life was just too short - was a great companion to Luke and all at the 'farm'.
- adopted as a senior, enjoyed more than a year as a loved companion on an island in Maine.
- a wonderful constant companion whose passing left a great hole in his lady's life. He loved all he met, and the feelings were always mutual.
Hudson - he had 3 years as a wonderful companion, and is sadly missed. All our rescues should have such fine homes.
- After an unknown first life, Gus enjoyed a good 3 years as a beloved family companion.
- a sweet little waif that came to us with some baggage, but was adopted and loved by her very understanding man who always made allowances for her, kept her safe and provided her with her own swimming pool!!! They certainly had a 'mutual admiration' society and she had to have the best memories to take with her over the Bridge.
- came into rescue as a senior with a few health issues. However, he charmed his wonderful foster family and proved that a big dog can still be a gentle, loving companion.
- another senior when he came to us carrying his own bit of 'baggage'. As his time neared to cross over the Bridge, he left with much love and caring by Brittany, a student volunteer at Safe Harbor. She lovingly brushed Buddy, sang special words in his ear and just gave him a loving farewell.
- earned the unending love of his lady who worked extremely hard to help him become a social companion. Once a stray, he knew nothing but love for his last 4 years!
- was best pal to her wonderful adoptive man for nearly 7 years.
came into Safe Harbor as a rather difficult boy, found his forever home in PA and learned to be a great fellow, thanks to his caring & patient man.
- Best friend and loving companion to one of our senior friends who loved him so she adopted a second Jake to fill that empty spot.
- gave 11 wonderful years to her adopted family after being 'thrown away' as a youngster.
- came into Rescue at age 10 then was adopted by one of our volunteers walking Chessies so Shawnee finished the last nearly 3 years of her life in a loving family as we would wish for all our Chessies.
JAKE (1)
- He brought so much love and comfort to his lady, and she to him. He will be sadly missed, always.
adopted as a senior, she brought much love to her family.
Sadly missed by her family who knew her to be the smartest, sweetest & most independent dog they'd ever met! Coco had a lot of changes and twists in her life, yet coped very well.
- A great senior Chessie adopted by one of our local Seniors and the
two spent many fine years together.
- a sweetie who enjoyed nearly 8 years with her loving, adopted family.
LEAH - our saddest Chessie story that has not been completely put to rest yet. Our Leah story will soon be added to our site.
- a sweet old gentleman who just loved to hang out, enjoy a good meal and be talked to and scratched. One of the good old boys, for sure.
CHESSIE DARLIN '- was a sweet little old lady chessie when she arrived at Safe Harbor and spent 2 birthdays with us - always prancing along on her walks, loving to have her meals picnic style - out in the exercise area. 14-1/2 years and full of spunk always - she enjoyed her special cot and watching all the Safe Harbor garden and dog activities out her window when not actually out herself.
- "She was the perfect dog for us..... We could not have had a nicer dog-presence."
JAGGER - a wonderful, loving chessie adopted at a senior age who became the 'best dog' his new lady had ever had. "He is the Best gift that I have ever gotten myself" as she wrote at the holiday time of adoption.
- a very special boy whose last 6 months in his Vermont heaven with his chosen man made his life whole.
CHESSIE - coming into the rescue world as a senior and made her foster family her own for her last 3-1/2 yrs, as if she had always been there, proof-positive of how well these Chesapeakes really can be rehomed and attach themselves to another family.
TOBY, one of our very special boys who has taken a piece of my heart with him.
MOLLY - the sweetest chessie girl we have known. She may have had a crippled body, but her attitude, spunk and soul were perfection. She'll always have a special place in the hearts of all who knew her at Safe Harbor.
THUNDER - a true gentle giant - Thunder never complained, even though his body was failing him - he was always ready to accompany us around the kennel, cuddle on his big bed and talk volumes with his soft eyes. Thunder will remain one of our very special Safe Harbor chessies - a dear gentleman!
NICKY - brought much happiness to his lady who had not had a dog before.
- our 'rags to riches' rescue who formed a mutual admiration society with her new family for over 2 years. One of our nicest of success stories.
HANNAH - whose last 4 years enriched the family that adopted her
- Poor deaf boy - could not quite understand life.
PEPPER - who never had a real life, but was always so happy. Her lymphoma was very swift growing.
MULLIGAN - wonderful boy who took his insulin shot with cookies! Then seizures overtook his life.
JESSIE - another whose life was a tragedy of sadness, but was so happy for her walks and interaction with us. Her bone cancer took over much too quickly.
JAKE, who spent his last 7 years as playmate and companion to 2 fine boys
in Friendship, Maine.
CASSI - one of our special needs girls
LUCY - the sweetest little lady that brought much joy to her new family
for too short a time
DEE-DEE- who brought 3 fine years of affection to her second family.
BARNEY - was the "Teddy Bear" to a wonderful family for his last 15 months, enjoying all the family activities a chessie wants to be a part of.


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